Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall in Texas

The baby is napping so I grabbed a cup of coffee and stepped out on the front porch to watch the new lizard hatchlings trying to catch mosquitoes. Yes, it's Fall in Texas! Mosquitoes aplenty, reptiles hatching (real ones and politicians), and Oh! the colors. The reds, the golds, the oranges. By that I mean the red necks of the redneck hicks, the gold lame' pants that don't entirely cover the Walmart shoppers' butt-cracks, and the orange of the undefeated University of Texas football team, who have beaten such powerhouses as Louisiana-Monroe, Texas Tech, and UCF. WTF is UCF? University of Canada at Farnham? I thought they only played hockey up there. Ugly College Females? I wouldn't bet against some of those gals. Union of Collective Farmers? They wouldn't allow a bunch of hippie-commie types like that in Texas. Must have been an away game.

Good hunting, lizards. I hope you eat all the mosquitoes. I commented to my wife this past summer how mosquitoes represent one answer to counter those who favor Intelligent Design. I mean, why would an omniscient God create mosquitoes and other such pests to wreak havoc upon His creation? My wife, far more clever than I, answered that the folks who propound the theory of Intelligent Design are the best arguments against it. So true. These people actually believe the earth is about 6000 years old, Adam and Eve lived alongside dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, and not only is there a Hell but I'll be going there.

Well, folks, The Flintstones is not a documentary. A text written 2500 years ago based upon 5000 year old tales and allegories passed down from illiterate desert nomads and shepherds should not be taken too literally, especially by hypocrites who pick and choose which verses they want to apply at that given moment while ignoring the contradictory verses.

Oh, for those loyal American tea-baggers who insist upon making English our official language, learn to spell. Get a Brain! Morans

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